About Proslope

We are passionate about snowsports, mountain life and adrenaline sports. We want to spread that passion and enthusiasm.

Our Mission

“…to proactively increase the worlds experience of snowsports, through the excitement of participation at accessible and affordable outdoor slopes!”

Since our Proslope’s inception, we have always wanted to increase the accessibility of Skiing and Snowboarding, in both urban and rural areas of countries with little to no snowfall. Our love of Skiing and Snowboarding, enabled us to see the real potential in offering a revolutionary synthetic snow sports surface solution, that is miles ahead of the existing old surfaces currently on the market.

Back in 2012, the UK outdoor dry ski slope scene was looking tired and undervalued, as the consumers trend shifted to using the indoor ‘fridge’ alternatives. However, the UK’s indoor Snow dome ‘real snow’ slopes are expensive to run, expensive to maintain, expensive for the consumer and most importantly, without doubt bad for the environment due to the amount of energy needed to not only produce the snow, but also to keep the snow at the correct operating temperatures.

At Proslope, we believe there’s nothing better than experiencing skiing or snowboarding OUTSIDE, in the fresh air, and with our next generation snow sports matting, consumers can experience the thrill of snow sports, without needing to travel 100’s of miles or incurring the expensive cost of snow dome slope time. Proslope are disturbing the “Dry Ski Slope” Industry. Traditional Dry Ski Slopes historically had mixed reviews, but this was always mainly down to the overall experience of poorly maintained slow surfaces designed in the 1950’s. We’re turning “Dry Slopes” into “Wet Slopes” with our unique integrated Atomising Water Mist System, and finally offering the skiing and snowboarding industry a synthetic surface without compromise!

Our Nextgen Surface

Our bespoke integrated layering system, combined with years of water mist lubrication testing, means that our surface is at the forefront…


Proslope Outdoor Synthetic Snowboard Surface

At Proslope, we have built our business around a key set of values, all driven by our love of snow sports:


For both our customers and the end consumer, there’s no doubt that Proslope matting is an affordable alternative to our competitors. When combined with the fact Proslope is more innovative and more fun to use – there’s a reason that slopes with our snowsports surface are seeing a huge increase in attendance!

Consumer Satisfaction

Proslope is MUCH nicer to ski or snowboard on, than other traditional ‘dry slope’ surfaces. It holds and edge better, is shock absorbent and holds mist more effectively, ensuring a smoother experience. This increases customer confidence and the overall experience!

Easy Installation

Proslope is easy to install and easy to replace, due to it’s grid layout and durable polyurathane construction. This means that installation and maintenance time is kept to an absolute minimum – ensuring any dropped revenue periods can be avoided.


Our surface won the ISPO Gold award back in 2015 for both innovation and technological advancements. Our bespoke integrated layering system, combined with years of water mist lubrication testing, means that our surface is at the forefront of ‘wet slope’ technology.

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