What makes Proslope so innovative?

We understand that “customer retention” is only possible by creating the best experience possible for as many different levels, disciplines and demographics. That’s why the team at Proslope have spent years replicating and refining characteristics, that define the “on snow” feeling! 

In order for skis and snowboards to perform the way they were designed to, you need to carefully balance several factors:

The friction or resistance your ski or board encounters when moving over the surface. 

The amount of edge hold you can generate at any one time.

Smoothly changing edges.

“Bristles in the Mist”

Proslope’s varying height and stiffness bristle combinations.

Compression: Snow naturally deforms and melts a little under the pressure of your skis or board, creating that feeling of smoothly moving over the surface. 

We use a combination of different bristle stiffness’s, lengths, and a unique mist lubrication, to replicate this behaviour.
When combined, our system allows gradual grip and release as edges move deeper into the bristle pattern and mist lubricated and soft flex at tip of bristles for super fast acceleration. 

At this point, the ski or snowboard is now performing as it was designed to! The edge is gradually building resistance and the ski is flexing through the turn, ready to release the stored up energy contained within the skis core, when the skier chooses to do so.